Model agreement
Welcome to Talk Sexy.
The place to make money while enjoying erotic talk with like-minded people. Rules: 1) You must be 18 or older to take phone sex calls. 2) You must have a clear speaking voice. 3) You must be sex friendly and willing to discuss all sexual topics without exception. 4) You must be into phone sex and not treat this as a job. 5) You must be able to work at least 25 set hours per week. 6) You can not work for other services while working for our service and if caught will be terminated. 7) You MUST promote your profile if you want calls. We do not provide you calls or promote your profile. "You will get calls from our customer base but they call eveyone" 8) You will NOT try to get our customer to ONLY call you. " If caught you will be terminated" 9) Missing or being late to log in will result in termination. " Unless you have premission" What we provide: 1) Safe Space to engage in phone sex. 2) The opertunity to make money doing what you love. 3) Great management team. 4) $0.50 per minute for anyone working less then 30 hours per week. " Must work at least 25 hours or termination will accur" 5) $1.00 per minute for anyone working over 30 hrs per week. 6) Advancement into management for some people who do well. 7) Awards and contest. We are a great company to work with but to be the best we must contract the best. This is not a log on and wait for calls type of place. You must promote your profile or you will not get calls. Questions or conserns can be sent to